Make a Double Bow Windsor Chair  with Howard Archbold and Geoff Tonkin

2020 Chair Courses

There are two Windsor Chair Making Courses planned for Spring 2020 at our Molong workshop. The September one has been completed and the last chair course for the year runs from Sat 17-Mon 26 October. (This is the  rescheduled April course).  The cost of the 10 day chair course in 2020 is $1500.

Chair Course dates for 2021 are 10th to 19th April and 18th to 27th September 

There is strong inquiry for these courses but please contact us if you are interested

Scroll down the page to read the course description.

2020 July & September Chair Courses

15 chairs completed so far  this year and 8 more to go! This will take to over 100 the number of chairs completed here at our Molong workshop


                                                     2019 Chair Courses

A total of 16 chairs over two courses were completed in 2019.  This brings to 82 the number of chairs to come out of the Brooklyn Workshop from 13 courses over the last 8 years.


Make a Windsor Stool  with Geoff  & Colina Tonkin

Dates for 2021 courses are yet to be set but please contact us if you are interested. The cost of this course is $600.

For a complete course description  scroll down the page to “course description“.

Click on these links to watch two short video by Rowan and John which pretty much captures the essence of our courses.



Windsor Stools and their Makers in 2019 



Chair Makers from the September 2018 Course



Chair Makers from the April 2018 Course.   This was the tenth chair making course run here at our Molong Workshop


Stool Makers from the October 2018 Course

Stool Makers from the March 2018 Course


Chair Makers from the 2017 Courses



Brooklyn workshop during the 2015 course

Chair makers and stool makers from the course held during April 2016

Tony stool Tim Rowan 1 Mike John 1 Ian & Howard John stool Gabriel Dinner 3 Chairs from Molong workshops Bob Shave horse derby

Gabriel's chair 1   Gabriel's chair Tony's stool

Cost: Chair Course: $ 1500

Tools and Materials: everything included except your lunch

Location: ‘Brooklyn’ 10km from Molong in the Central West of NSW, Australia

Accommodation: Please inquire

Chair makers and stool makers from the 2015 Molong course

Chair makers dinner 1 Gabriel Harry & Tania

The Lee's Paul John Templeton 1

Chair makers from the 2014 Molong Windsor Chair and Stool Making Courses

Day 1 Russell Day 10

Chair makers from the 2013 Molong Windsor Chair and Stool Making Courses

Anne Burn's chair Reg and Cameron's chair Dennis's chair

John Templeton's stool Judy's chair


Other courses on offer:

>> Learn to Play the Didgeridoo
Make a Cigar Box Guitar & Basic Tool Making                              “There’s a chair in there’

For further information contact Geoff Tonkin

Tel: 02-63668174
Mobile: 0427677226