chisels and planesSharpening & Tuning Chisels & Planes

An essential component of any woodworker’s tool box is sharp and well-tuned chisels and planes. Indeed the frustration of working with blunt and badly tuned tools can be enough to dampen the enthusiasm of even the keenest woodworker.

On this course students are asked to bring along their favourite chisels and planes and will have the opportunity to sharpen them using a number of different methods. These include: using guides on Japanese water stones and diamond stones; emeries on plate glass; the use of a slow electric water grinder; or a normal bench grinder.

The aim of the course is to give students a thorough understanding of the principles of sharpening and the lifelong satisfaction of working with sharp tools. The number of sharpening systems on offer is confusing to say the least for most woodworkers but after completing this course students will be much better equipped to choose a sharpening system that best suits them and their budget.


Course Duration: Two days. Days don’t have to be consecutive.

  • Day One – a discussion on the principles of sharpening and tuning chisels and applying these to your own chisels.
  • Day Two –  tuning and sharpening hand planes and cabinet scrapers

Dates: Course offered as needed

Numbers: One to four students

Cost: $250

Material Fee: $20

Accommodation: Available if required

Contact: Geoff. or 0263668174