Learn to play the Didgeridoo with Geoff Tonkin

  •  Learn the breathing techniques to play the didgeridoo competently
  •  Learn to make the drone note then add basic rhythms and sounds to enhance your playing
  •  Increase muscle tone in your throat and neck (which may help alleviate snoring!)
  •  Increase lung capacity and stomach muscle tone
  •  Have the satisfaction of mastering this most ancient of instruments
Polythene pipe supplied as your first didge
Two lessons two to three weeks apart plus follow up as needed
Lessons approximately 1 hours
Cost; $50 per lesson
About the Tutor
Geoff Tonkin is a founding member of The November Shorn Bush Band which is based around Orange in the Central West of NSW. The band has been delighting audiences from Sydney to Bourke for nearly 40 years. His first didgeridoo was purchased in 1994 and his playing has been an integral part of their performances ever since.
To register your interest contact Geoff
Tel: 02-63668174  Mobile: 0427677226
Email: geoff.tonkin4@bigpond.com