Celtic Harp

Created by Geoff Tonkin, this 34 string Celtic harp is made from Makorè, a wood from Equatorial Africa. The sound board is solid Sitka Spruce from Alaska. Levers can be added as required. A lovely bright sounding harp with great sustain. $3500

This harp has been sold.

Irish Bodhràn

This 17” tuneable Irish Bodhrán is made from Kauri Pine. The skin is from a feral goat. It comes with tipper, brush stick and tuning key.
Handmade in Australia by Geoff Tonkin $250

This drum has been sold

Walking Sticks $70 each

Two sticks are currently available with the knobs made from Zebron (Microberlini brazzavillensis), an equatorial tree of West Africa. It is also known as Zebrawood because of its distinctive markings. The shaft is Sydney Blue Gum (Eucalyptus saligna) The knobs on the sticks in the photographs are (left to right) Gidgee, Mulga and Mulberry wood.
Length can be altered to individual requirements and can be made to order by Geoff.