Make and learn to play the Irish Bodhrán
with Geoff Tonkin
As well as making your own bodhrán, you will also be taught simple rhythmic styles and begin to enjoy the pleasures of confidently playing with others.
You will have the choice of making a 16” or 18” drum. This is formed and glued in a jig with wooden bending ply and sanded to a smooth finish. You can choose your own finish, natural or stained which is then oiled. An authentic skin is stretched over the ring and attached. Finishing touches such as a band, stud and a handle are added. You may also make a range of beaters. More competent students will have the opportunity to build a tuneable drum which involves fitting blocks and a small ring inside the main ring before fitting the skin.
Extra drums will be available to start learning basic rhythm patterns and techniques whilst the glue dries after each process. Geoff will provide live music whilst you learn, starting off slowly and building up speed and confidence. No previous woodworking experience is required but be sure (to be sure) to bring along your sense of rhythm. Only hand tools are used in construction. Class sizes one to four.
This course can be taught in other venues providing there some basic work benches with a vice.
Total cost $350 over 3 days these days don’t have to be consecutive
IMG_3077  A happy drummer from one of last years courses
About the Tutor
Geoff Tonkin’s musical career began 36 years ago with the gift of a guitar and his fascination in learning to play all sorts of instruments has never ceased. In 1981 he was a founding member of the popular NSW Central West bush band, ‘November Shorn’, which for over 30 years still delights audiences from Bathurst to Bourke. In the group, Geoff plays button accordions, harmonica, tin whistle, didgeridoo, bodhrán and lagerphone as well as singing and calling the dances. As a recent graduate of the Sturt School for Wood, he is now exploring the fascinating world of instrument making. This includes harp making at Harps and Harps in Gosford and guitar making with Gilet Guitars in Botany, Sydney. These days Geoff works as a freelance furniture maker / instrument maker and musician near Molong in Central Western NSW
Contact Geoff Phone 0263668174
Mobile 0427 677 226